About Us

From the road to the beach and from the city to the farthest desert, Sher-Makesh is a brand of Gypsy Luxe essentials that stands for iconic design and quality, wanderlust, elegance, and functionality.

My brand was born on open roads, somewhere between Armenia and Greece. My family is proof there are no cultural barriers where love rules, and that is how my brand’s first compound was born. SHER in Armenian means love.
Age-old traditions, rituals, and my ancestry’s nomadic wisdom infused me with an affection for wanderers, free souls, and starry skies. A catalyst that had me focus on different cultures, patterns, colors, textures, scents, flavors and sounds was my dissertation at university. Going on a research over FGM, I set on a journey to Africa, from there to India and all across the globe, places, that had me changed forever, so enormously filled with darkness and yet tremendous love and simplicity. Inspired by the simple folks’ power to transform raw materials into art, I wished to MAKE something essential for everyone, everywhere.
So what is SHER-MAKESH? The love of making, or simply, a brand of gypsy luxe essentials made with love.

It all starts with a finger on the map or an aesthetic spark. A team of artisans hand stitch and bind all textiles and decorative elements thoughtfully picked from all corners of the globe. Committed to bringing character and generous proportion, all SHER-MAKESH products are of the highest quality. Built to last for moons to come, they are easy to use and clean. With a priority to sustainability, each handmade item is a timeless showstopper.



Address: Aggelou Metaxa 33 (2nd Floor)
174 66, Glyfada, Greece

Telephone: +30 6944 196011
Email: info@shermakesh.com