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Our soft & coney pajamas is the best choice for a crazy night out or an easy morning at home.

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Must-Have Kimonos

This traditional embellished jacket is made in silk velvet by artisans in Marrakech. Embroidered in contrasting or ton-sur-ton colors, these tailored jackets can be worn to complete an elegant look or to give a touch of Bohemian to any casual attire. Their distinctive traits are Mandarin collars, Moroccan ornamental covered fastenings and oriental patterns.

Sher Makesh

From the road to the beach and from the city to the farthest desert, Sher-Makesh is a brand of Gypsy Luxe essentials that stands for iconic design and quality, wanderlust, elegance, and functionality.
My brand was born on open roads, somewhere between Armenia and Greece. My family is proof there are no cultural barriers where love rules, and that is how my brand’s first compound was born. SHER in Armenian means love.

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